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References – Are they necessary?

You're looking for a new job. You start the process in applying. You list your past jobs, phone numbers and all, then come upon the references page. References?! They have to be professional references, which means no family members nor friends (unless you want to get tricky then kudos to you for having such close... Continue Reading →

When You Look Up Vegetarian Recipes

So I go to look up 'vegetarian snacks' in Google. I'd think it'd give me basic snacks, you know, the type I'm looking for just without the meat (i.e. crackers sandwiches without the ham). But apparently when you type in 'vegetarian' it's automatically assumed you mean vegetables. Now I eat vegetables, but when I'm looking... Continue Reading →

5 Online Money Making Sites

I know this is a widely popular topic. If you google "How to make money online" you will be directed to many sites and blogs by people who have done the research and/or done it themselves and can speak from first-hand experience. Now I myself have not tried too many money making opportunities online as... Continue Reading →

Is Your Food Expired or Not?

Over the years of doing my own grocery shopping, I have come to realize that food tends to expire on you faster than when you used to live with your parents. Especially when you live alone. And when you do your grocery shopping you think "Yeah I can totally use a gallon of milk in... Continue Reading →

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